Education runs the new world of kids

Created By : Mr Marsha White
Education runs the new world of kids

Campaign Goal Rs. 50,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 0.00

Raised fund can feed 0 children/year

Start Date
Mar 07, 2017

End Date
Mar 31, 2017

Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

The simple world has become more than modern but without anything for the betterment of future of our existence- kids. Let's arrange something for them to earn the livelihood for healthy themselves and their families. Please try to donate from your heart rather than your wallets. We spend 950 in one go in the restaurant n more than 10 times of INR 950 in parties, restaurant etc. The same can feed more than 100 kids per year and pay school fees for many. Pour your pocket money of the month and you can get blessings of lifesupport my campaign to support Akshaya Patra 

Campaign Donors

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