Created By : Mr Sanjay Kumar Jena


Campaign Goal 15,000


Raised Funds ₹35,000.00

Raised funds can feed 23 children/year

Start Date:May 17, 2023

End Date: Aug 03, 2023

Time limit for the campaign has passed.

Note: Rs. 1500 can feed a child for a year


Campaign Overview

The world is getting ridiculous as - "There are more fruits in a rich man's shampoo than in a poor man's plate." - Let's do our bit. and support Akshaya Patra in feeding nutritious food to school children  Hare Krishna.

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Sakti Sourava Rautraya
  • Mr. Phanibhushan Shankarachara
  • Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jena
  • Mr. Jagneswar Mohanty
  • Mrs. Sipra Sahoo
  • Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jena

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