Feed The Belly

Created By : Mr Sandeep Kumar Vinnakota
Feed The Belly

Campaign Goal Rs. 15,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 5,516.00

Raised fund can feed 6 children/year

Start Date
Nov 03, 2017

End Date
Dec 31, 2017

Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

This world is for everyone. Some have access to more than they need to live and unfortunately some haven't. Let us share some of what we have.Let us bring hope in them. Let us bring smiles on their faces. Let us have their dreams fulfilled. Let us make this world look beautiful for them too. So let us make our contribution through this Akshaya Patra donation campaign created by me . Let humanity grow more and more.

Campaign Donors

  • Mrs. Anisha
  • Mr. Mahesh Chaluvadi
  • Mr. Raju
  • Mr. Sai Teja Pachipulusu
  • Mr. Sekhar Babu Gorle
  • Mr. Saibabji Indupuri
  • Mr. Pushkar Varma Mandapati
  • Mr. Goutham
  • Mr. M Lakshmi Narayana
  • Mr. Surya Palepu
  • Mr. Manikanta Sinisetti
  • Mr. Abhiram