Food for the hungry

Created By : Mr Amit Pandey
Food for the hungry

Campaign Goal Rs. 1,00,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 0

Raised funds can feed 0 children/year

Start Date
Jan 15, 2021

End Date
Apr 07, 2021

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Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

We all know that India is the second-most populous country in the world. All though, India is one of the developing countries which has the fastest growing economy, India with 17.5% of the total world’s population, had a 20.6% share of the world’s poorest in 2011. My aim is to provide food to all no one should sleep with an empty stomach. Alone I can only feed a few but together we can feed many,  together we can do it all. Let's do it with Akshaya Patra 

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