Let's Ensure the Needy Don't Stay Hungry!

Created By : Mr Akhil Sagaran Kasturi
Let's Ensure the Needy Don't Stay Hungry!

Campaign Goal Rs. 50,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 0.00

Raised fund can feed 0 children/year

Start Date
Jul 30, 2020

End Date
Aug 28, 2020

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Campaign Overview

I am Akhil Sagaran Kasturi, a 11th grade student of Indus International School, Bangalore. Being an IB student, I am very much touched by the IB philosophy “Think Globally, Act Locally.” Just as the proverb goes, “little drops of water make the mighty ocean”, I have always tried to do my bit for the betterment of the society. One such initiative was the “Behthar India Campaign” by NDTV. Also, as a part of my 10th grade project, I chose to develop a web application to solve waste management problems to contribute to a cleaner and healthier society, using which, communities can interact and help one another to carry out effective measures to solve these problems. With little knowledge I have gained in website development, I have supported and will continue to support my friends and others in designing and creating web sites for them with a nominal fee and I have been diverting all these earnings to the Akshaya Patra Foundation. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in India has caused serious distress in lives of daily wage labourers, migrant workers and slum dwelling communities. This poses a serious threat for the survival and well-being of this community. In order to address this grave concern, Akshaya Patra Foundation ventured into providing cooked meals and ration kits to the people in distress across 19 States in India through its 52 centralized and decentralized kitchens. The Foundation is doing this through its network of kitchens and delivery vehicles, working closely with the Government of India, State Governments and other civic administrations across the country. But we still have a long way to go if we are to ensure that every vulnerable community gets the help they need to survive this crisis. My goal is to continue to serve these communities, until they are able to earn their livelihood again. Hence, i have decided to be a Hunger Warrior by raising funds that will help Akshaya Patra provide cooked meals to the daily wage earners and the financially poor. The meals are cooked in Akshaya Patra kitchens and the last mile distribution is done by the local administration, State Govt. and Civic authorities. The cost per meal is Just INR 25. If you choose to donate INR 1500, you will provide for 60 Freshly cooked meals. A meal consists of rice and Dalma (dal and vegetables) or Veg Khichdi along with a bottle of water with each meal. It is our duty as a privileged citizens to ensure that the daily wage earners and the poor get at least one or more nutritious meal/meals a day. Therefore, am seeking your valuable support for this campaign that will help Akshaya Patra serve Hot and Freshly cooked meals to the marginalized sections of the society. The funds will be utilized in providing cooked meals in Bangalore City. ''You have the power to feed a starving family, right from the comfort of your home'' Looking forward to your generous support! Regards, Akhil Sagaran Kasturi

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