Open Hearts, Full Plates

Created By : Mr Aarav Alap Shah

Open Hearts, Full Plates

Campaign Goal 10,00,000


Raised Funds ₹3,000.00

Raised funds can feed 2 children/year

Start Date:May 31, 2023

End Date: Aug 22, 2023

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Note: Rs. 1500 can feed a child for a year


Campaign Overview

The "Open Hearts, Full Plates" campaign is a compassionate movement dedicated to ending classroom hunger. Join us in making a difference by donating to provide nutritious meals for underprivileged children. Together, we can fill their plates with hope and nourishment, giving them the chance to thrive and succeed. Your support, no matter the size, can create a lasting impact on these young lives. Let's unite with open hearts and ensure healthy meals for schoolchildren by donating to Akshaya Patra 

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Aarav Shah

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