Year of Giving

Created By : Mr Harshal Mehta
Year of Giving

Campaign Goal Rs. 25,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 1,900.00

Raised fund can feed 2 children/year

Start Date
Oct 01, 2017

End Date
Dec 31, 2017

Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

Through my humble experience, I believe giving is not limited to monetary donations. Rather, “giving” is defined by the differences we make: the differences in someone’s life, in a society, or in a nation. To achieve this, the first step is asking ourselves exactly how we can make a difference. Every father, mother, son and daughter can ask him or herself how they can contribute to the advancement of their families and communities. All of us have the capability and capacity to make a real difference in the lives of those around us. There are so many ways to give. We can give back to our environment – to clean beaches and street, to care for trees and to be kind to all inhabitants on our earth. ‘Giving’ is easy and abundant… it is feeding a bird, smiling at your neighbors, or going above and beyond at your job. If you are a person with power and responsibility, ‘giving’ is making your people happy, and being kind to them when you implement laws.

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Ravikumar Sitaram Uttekar
  • Mrs. Vidhi Alpesh Sutaria