Your few clicks can make a kid smile :)

Created By : Mr Soundarrajan Rangarajan

Your few clicks can make a kid smile :)

Campaign Goal 10,00,000


Raised Funds ₹20,500.00

Raised funds can feed 14 children/year

Start Date:Dec 26, 2016

End Date: Dec 26, 2016

Time limit for the campaign has passed.

Note: Rs. 1500 can feed a child for a year


Campaign Overview

Dear Friends, 

A famous Indian Poet once said "if one soul has no food for one time, we need to burn this world down"... The aggression in his words equals his compassion to fellow human being. This word lingers everytime I see a kid with no means for a timely meal.. Hence a small initiative with my friends to do something little..

Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Our organisation strives to fight issues like hunger and malnutrition in India, by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in the government schools and government-aided schools. Akshaya Patra aims not only to fight hunger but also to bring children to school.

Your small contribution to this campaign can make a difference to few kids in a day! 

Your few clicks can make a kid smile!

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Yajurveda Mungara
  • Mr. Soundarrajan

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