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INR 1,500 = Supports one child’s meals for a year

The Mid-Day Meal Programme has been running for 21 years, providing hot, nutritious meals to children at over 19,500 government schools across India

This is the primary source of sustenance for a large percentage children and acts as an incentive for them to continue their education Every day, children receive a wholesome midday meal at school, which protects them from hunger and the long-term effects of malnutrition

It’s even more critical now that children make up for the nourishment they’ve lost in recent months as a result of the pandemic. Your generosity will help transform a child’s life.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation serves mid-day meals to school children in government and government-aided schools of India.

Children have come back to school after 1.5 years of being away from school. This year, children from challenging socio-economic backgrounds have spent 6 months studying at home (with or without healthy food), but, they yet have 4 more months to gain the best of the knowledge and become healthier each day. While you help them with mid-day meals, you gain tax exemption u/s 80G too.



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