Have a look at some of the key features of our new mega kitchen,

Key Features:

Silikal Wet Kitchen Area Flooring  

  •   A non-porous, pinhole free seamless flooring surface
  •   Water, dirt and bacteria rest on the surface is easily cleanable due to is non-porous nature
  •   Anti-slip flooring surface that prevents or reduces slips and falls
  •   It requires limited maintenance with a lower life cycle cost

Condensate Water Recovery System

  •  Fitted from cookers to the boiler feed water tank. It will lead to increase in Boiler efficiency and a reduction   in briquettes, power, feed water consumption, & STP load  

 Double Jacketed Cookers

  •  Steam will not get in contact with food directly.

  Latest Hybrid Combloc Briquette Fired Boilers.

  •  A revolutionary Multi fuel solid fuel fired packaged boiler. Up to 90 % reduction in refractory, up to 40% reduction in foot print, Fuel flexibility of biomass/ Fossil fuels.

  B & P Aqua Systems RO plant

  •  A water treatment system with 90% output this is installed for the first time ever in India

  GE technology

  •  For waste water treatment system this will ensure a sustainable water supply and help in overcoming any water scarcity issues.

 Andicos Plant

  •  Power generation from solid waste from kitchen and solid waste from STP, this is the first time it is installed and commissioned in India.

  Wash boy USA

  •    A centralized high pressure water cleaning system introduced for the first time in Akshaya Patra Kitchens.


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