INR 1,200 supports 2 adults and 2 children for approximately 15 days,
with an average of two meals a day

What’s in a Kit?

Ingredients in a kit vary to suit the local palate in North and South India.

The meal content in kits include rice and/or wheat flour (atta), pulses, lentils, chickpeas (channa), peanuts, cooking oil, spices, jaggery and salt. In addition, kits contain notebooks for children, hygiene products like soap and toothpaste, 4 reusable masks, as well as sanitary pads for girls.


Wholesale Meals*: INR 22
INR 1,200 = 27 Meals at 2 Meals/day

Prepackaged Meals: INR 30
INR 1,200 = 40 Meals

Pre-packaged Meals with Water: INR 40
INR 1,200 = 30 Meals with a bottle of water

Where possible cooked meals are served in vulnerable communities, this includes meals for the homeless, people in night shelters, migrant workers, the elderly,essential workers, and at-risk families.

*Wholesale meals are those served to beneficiaries in their own containers.

About The AkshayaPatra Foundation

Established in 2000

World’s Largest NGO-run Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Sustained by Public – Private Partnership

Serves 1.8 million children every school day*

19,500 + schools across 13 States & 1 Union Territory

57 Kitchens


*As on March 2020


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