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Illuminate your life with a child’s smile this Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, brings with it a profound sense of happiness, unity and the spirit of giving. It is also a day to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

As you adorn your home with the glow of lamps and share delicacies with loved ones, amplify your festive joy by extending your generosity to those in need.

Make feeding a part of your Diwali celebrations!
Let the goodness of nutrition and education win over the evil of classroom hunger and illiteracy.

Your Diwali gift, their brighter tomorrow!

Akshaya Patra is a recognised NGO, committed to feeding wholesome mid-day meals to government school children in India. It is one of the implementing partners of the government’s PM POSHAN Abhiyaan.

Your support this festival of lights can

  • bring sparkle to a child’s eyes when they receive hot, healthy meals
  • illuminate the minds of children with quality nutrition
  • provide a strong foundation for their education
  • break the cycle of poverty and
  • kindle their dreams and transform their futures

There’s more…
Your simple act of charity will start ripples, eventually uplifting entire
communities. Healthy and learned children will grow up to be empowered individuals who will contribute to the development of society. Akshaya Patra also employs workers from local communities, thus guaranteeing them a better life.

Make your Diwali truly luminous!

By supporting Akshaya Patra with your priceless contribution, you invest in a brighter, more promising future for those less fortunate.
Donate this Diwali and let the light of your love and compassion illuminate the lives, hopes and dreams of upcoming generations!

I want to light up children’s futures this Diwali
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