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Festivals are all about joy, celebrations and an event to spend time with loved ones.

While having fun, good food and making memories, spare a thought for the less fortunate. Navratri is an opportunity to add brightness into the lives of children by indulging in the joy of giving.


Imbibe new values to fall in line with the theme of the festival. Extend your generosity by feeding children from challenging socio-economic backgrounds and make them happy.

Let your goodness triumph over the evil of classroom hunger. Add 9 children’s yearly meals as your festive giving. Because, not all of them have the opportunity to celebrate like us. Make this Navratri more special not only for yourself but underprivileged children too.

Kickstart your Navratri celebrations with a gesture of kindness.

You can ensure the availability of daily mid-day meals, today, during Navratri and every day. Your one action this Navratri, means yearlong access to hot, healthy and nutritious food.

Celebrate the victory of your goodness over the evil of classroom hunger.

Your contributions on this special occasion will not only serve nutritious meals to children but will pour in blessings in return for doing good.

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