During the first six years of life, children attain several developmental milestones, which act as a foundation for their future development and learning. Thus, quality nutrition during early childhood is critical for the complete growth of their brain and body. It also reduces the risk of chronic diseases later in their lives.

Additionally, women have distinct nutritional requirements through out their life – especially before and during the maternal period, when their vulnerability is the greatest. So, ensuring that they have nutritious diets, adequate services and care is crucial for the survival and well-being of them and their children.


As a logical parallel to serving mid-day meals in schools as a part of the Central Government’s PM Poshan Abhiyaan and with the goal of eliminating malnutrition in children at the root, we also serve cooked meals to pregnant women, lactating mothers and toddlers in Anganwadi Centres (rural daycare) that supports the Government’s Anganwadi Feeding Initiative.

The menu is as follows:

  South Indian Menu North Indian Menu
Monday White Rice, Yellow Cucumber Pappu Thepla with vegetables, Tur Dal Lachko
Tuesday Pulihora, Tomato Dal Vegetable Masala Daliya/Thepla, Desi Chana with Gravy
Wednesday White Rice, Spinach Pappu Jeera Rice/Thepla, Tur Dal Lachko with vegetables
Thursday White Rice, Sambar, Green Leaf Curry Vegetable Pulav/Thepla, Desi Chana with Gravy
Friday White Rice, Bottle gourd Pappu, Green Leaf Curry Thepla with vegetables, Desi Chana with Sweet Gravy
Saturday Veg Biryani, Sambar, Green Leaf Curry Jeera Rice/Thepla, Vegetable Sambar


We have served 2,33,12,013 (233M) meals at Anganwadi centres as of January 2023.

Your contribution of ₹1900 can provide nutritious meals for 300 days.

New mothers and growing children need your support.