Let’s Help Gorakhpur Flood Victims Together

Gorakhpur floods

Akshaya Patra, with its aim to help the disaster-hit victims, has been continuously on the forefront of feeding them with a healthy meal. We have earlier supported victims of Jammu and Kashmir, and Chennai flood, which took place on September 2014, and November 2015, respectively. During Jammu and Kashmir floods, 1,00,000 packets of theplas (Indian bread) were prepared at our Ahmedabad and Vadodara kitchens. They were airlifted from the Vadodara kitchen on September 11, 2014, and sent to the flood-affected regions.

At the time of Chennai floods, Akshaya Patra had set up two kitchens – in Arambakkam and Thiruvanmiyur in Tamil Nadu. We served 2,30,380 meals along with 25,000 chapatis, 2,500 fruit breads, 2,500 chikkis and 5,000 in Cuddlore.

When Nepal was hit with earthquake in April 2015, we set up Earthquake Relief Centralised Kitchen Project along with Jamsetji Tata Trust and Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha in a 2,500 sq.ft area and served 1.4 million meals across 88 days.

During the recent Gujarat floods, the Foundation supplied supported the victims with 4 lakh delicious theplas and pickle. These were made at our Ahmedabad and Vadodara centralised kitchens from July 25 to 30.

With the recent floods in Gorakhpur, The Akshaya Patra Foundation is preparing itself to help the victims in the flood-affected regions. Our recent initiative ‘Kitchen on Wheels’, which has been designed to help flood relief victims, has been moved to the city. Kitchen on Wheels is capable of cooking meals for 2,000-2,500 people per cycle, each of two hours.

All the donations collected will be used for disaster relief.

About Kitchen on Wheels:

Food and water are important components for survival. However, when a disaster takes place, these essentials are worst affected. It gets difficult to even cook a decent meal. The Kitchen on Wheels (Disaster Relief Mobile Kitchen) is a concept which is designed in a way that with the portable and compact kitchen unit, fresh food can be supplied in disaster-hit areas and distributed among the victims or nominated distribution agencies.

Kitchen on Wheels will use two trailers/trucks. The equipment would be mounted on the trucks which measure 34 and 30 feet wide. While one truck will have a preparatory unit, the other will be used for cooking. Both the trucks will be interconnected. It will have a modular design using Reverse Osmosis (RO)-purified water for cooking. Additionally, it will have uninterrupted power supply and the ability to run the kitchen round-the-clock.