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In response to the unprecedented crisis created in the field of education due to school closures, the government reacted swiftly and designed remote learning policies. The most common of them all was digital instruction.  

“At least 463 million school children in the world, were unable to access remote learning during 2020 ” – UNICEF

The major contributing factor to reduced learning capabilities in children is directly impacted by health and nutrition. Evidence in India has shown that food insecurity during childhood reduced reading capability and numeracy scores while resulting in depleting short-term memory. Mid-day meals are a great incentive to bring children back to school and a means to keep their nutritional levels in check. Nutritious meals help children concentrate in class and help in eliminating classroom hunger. 

The Akshaya Patra Foundation serves mid-day meals to school children in government and government-aided schools of India. 

Children have come back to school after 1.5 years of being away from school. This year, children from challenging socio-economic backgrounds have spent 6 months studying at home (with or without healthy food), but, they yet have 4 more months to gain the best of the knowledge and become healthier each day. While you help them with mid-day meals, you gain tax exemption u/s 80G too. 


You helped us to make a difference in the lives of the children for the last 8 months this year.

lets continue to work together for prosperous and desirable future for them for the rest of academic year.

ComponentsPrimaryUpper primary
Calories450 Cal700 Cal
Protein12 gm20 Gm
Micro-nutirentsAdequate quantities of micro-nutrients like Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin-A, etc.  


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Contribute to feed nutritious meals to mid-day meal beneficiaries. Gain tax deduction under 80G of income tax act.

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How you can contribute

Transform the lives of children
You are donating ₹ 3000 For Donate and save tax

(Your donation will help us provide stainless steel plates to school children so that they can relish their mid-day meals. These plates will provide them ease, comfort and convenience. These plates are safe to serve food in and do not affect the taste of the food or its nutritional value).

Total Donation Amount : ₹ 3000
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