Akshaya Patra at Stanford India Hackathon

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  • 16th September, 2014
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On 5 October, 2013, students from Stanford, Berkeley and other universities from different disciplines like Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Public Policy, Electrical Engineering and Political Science will have a gathering to catapult ideas into execution through inter-disciplinary collaboration. They have connected with non-profits like Akshaya Patra and extra-Governmental organisations to discuss challenge themes like urban and rural infrastructural development, sanitation, water and food security, women’s rights, health, heritage preservation etc.

NGOs contributed data sets, challenge questions, seeds for ideas and reach out strategies to initiate the programme.

The main themes for the solutions and activities include:

  • Data analysis and visualisation to provide insight on India
  • Building web and mobile applications to tackle specific challenges
  • Hardware ideas, descriptions and solutions
  • Discussion and brainstorming sessions on policy and developmental challenges
  • Increase awareness of on-going efforts and initiatives

The attendees will find solutions to these challenges that require engineering assistance, help in design and creative ideation.

Code for India, is the main collaborator outside Stanford for this Hackathon and is a non-profit that works primarily to provide engineering solutions to the problems of the developing world.

The event is organised to bring like-minded individuals together to find solutions for challenges faced in India, and to participate in discussion sessions on these challenges as well.

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