Click a Smile, 2016!

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  • 3rd May, 2016
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The Akshaya Patra Foundation showcased handpicked entries from its annual online photography contest, Click a Smile, 2015 on 30 April, 2016 at Mantri Square, our location partner, in partnership with Britannia Good Day. The photography exhibition turned the spotlight on the beauty of a child’s (children) smile that formed the unifying theme of the photo exhibition. Titled “Click a Smile”, the exhibition brought to life some priceless captures of children, depicting the innocence and playfulness of childhood in all its shade.

The one day event took visitors on a grand tour through the smiles of myriad children as seen through the lens of photographers who enthusiastically took part in the contest. Akshaya Patra was thrilled to receive over 1700 entries from 80 countries, including Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, U.S.A  and U.K. to name a few! 50 best entries of this year and the top 10 entries of last year were on display that intrigued and delighted many!

The Foundation also showcased pictures clicked by professional photographers and in-house photographers to raise awareness about the Foundation’s cause. These photographs revealed the journey of Akshaya Patra’s beneficiaries from a hungry belly to an enlightened mind with Akshaya Patra’s hearty meals, through their lens! The pictures of real beneficiaries, the cooks, the kitchen operations, the blue delivery vehicle and the playful faces of children at school premises, all echoed the Foundation’s cause of providing ‘unlimited food for education.’

Disha Ram, the lead child artist of the serial Kinnari, on Colors Kannada was the cynosure of all eyes! Children and their parents flocked in hundreds to catch a glimpse of Disha who was the celebrity guest at the event. Some jostled while some ran frantically to take a selfie with the little dame who looked no less than a pretty little princess. The visitors also enjoyed taking part in the PickASmile Contest that expected them to pick a photograph that appealed to them the most.

Winners were announced on spot and were given away T-Shirts and exciting goodies that took the exhibition’s theme further, of spreading smiles all around. An online version of the PickASmile Contest was also run on Twitter that too received an overwhelming response. Visitors were extremely pleased and lauding the Foundation’s initiative, a fascinated spectator extoled, “smiles are the best way to communicate and Akshaya Patra has done a great job by bringing smiles across the globe under one roof.”

In précis, Akshaya Patra’s ‘Click a Smile’ wrapped up with the giving away of Good Day biscuits to the little ones who had gathered to make the event a great success. Cheer was all around and beaming smiles abounded in plenty!

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