Food & education defines children.
Provide them both with Akshaya Patra.

What we wonder
How will we celebrate New Year’s Day?      

What they wonder
Will we get to eat nutritious meals again this year?



Food first for children who dream of achieving something big in their lives. With your support, we will be able to feed 3 million children by the end of 2025. Let’s make meals accessible to children who come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds who find it difficult to eat one square of meal everyday.

I want to celebrate New Year with children by supporting them with meals worth : ₹


₹12,000 feeds 8 children/year.


You can make a big difference to their lives : Rs.


Fulfil dreams this New Year with Akshaya Patra

Millions of children will attend school to eat hot & nutritious meals donated by you and get the chance to gain access to uninterrupted education. Your support towards the Government’s PM POSHAN Abhiyaan will help materialise dreams of children who want to become:

Wants to become a Doctor
Anitha is a 6th standard student of GHPS, Bengaluru. She aspires to be a doctor and her favourite subject is biology. "I want to be a doctor because I want to help poor people who can't afford expensive medical care." She has three siblings and they are all thankful for AkshayaPatra's hot and healthy school lunch. Pulao is Anitha'sfavourite dish.

Wants to join the civil service
Debu is an AkshayaPatra beneficiary who aspires to join the civil service. He says, “I did a lot of welfare activities and my interest is in leadership management. Later, I want to clear UPSC exam. He says that nutrients are more in Government school food that makes the mind sharp and helps us to perform good in academics. Debu’s favourite dish is Purisabzi.

Chandrashekhar Padagali
Wants to become a Army officer
Chandrashekhar comes from a very humble background. He has five siblings and his parents are street-side vendors.With the dream to make it to the Indian National Army, the young man says: “People in the army are disciplined. If the rest of the nation becomes disciplined, all of us will never fail to follow public rules.”

Vijay Badagi
Wants to become a IAS officer
Vijay is a Class 5 student who aspires to be an IAS officer. He has an elder sister who studies in a government school.“My favourite dish is BisibeleBath but I enjoy every food item that AkshayaPatra serves. I want to be an IAS officer. I know it needs lots of preparation and focus to be so but I have a strong determination and it's my dream and one day it will definitely come true.

Kishan Puran Boghati
Wants to become a police officer
13-year-old Kishan Puran Boghati aspires to be a police officer when he grows up. “I would love the chance to be involved in the enforcement of the law of the land. This would give me great personal satisfaction,” he says. Talking about the midday meals served in school, he says he enjoys every dish as they are both nutritious and delicious.

Wants to become a Engineer
Vijayakumar aspires to become a successful engineer.He says he is appreciative of AkshayaPatra's mid-day meals provided at school since they enable him to concentrate on his studies and his athletics. He also adds that the dishes presented are all very nutritious but that he particularly likes eating rice and sambar.

The National Family Health Survey, conducted from 2019 to 2021, found that one-third of all Indian children under the age of five were stunted and underweight, with little to no improvement in child nutrition levels since the previous survey was conducted in 2015-2016.

2022 Recap

A brief recap of our last year

January 2022

Kitchen inauguration in Puducherry

February 2022

Digital education programme in partnership with BYJU’s

April & May 2022

India Today Happiness Award; Business World Social Impact Award; Inauguration of kitchen in Kalyandurg.


Assam Flood Relief Feeding Programme; Breakfast feeding Programme

July 2022

Launch of 4 new centralised kitchens in Varanasi, Dehradun, Mansa, Jorhat; Godavari Flood Relief Programme

August 2022

Akshaya Patra signs MoU to serve millets in mid-day meals

September 2022

Bangalore Feeding Programme

October 2022

Akshaya Patra wins Mahatma Gandhi Award for social good and impact “Zero hunger”

Spread the hope of nutritious meals with Akshaya Patra.

Akshaya Patra is an implementing partner of the Central Government’s PM POSHHAN Abhiyaan (earlier called the Mid-Day Meal Programme) that has been catering to nutritional requirements in children to aid in their healthy growth since 2000. Today, it has gained international recognition for running the world’s largest school feeding programme. By providing locally palatable meals to children across the nation, it not only ends classroom hunger but gives them a reason to gain confidence in children studying in Government and Government-aided schools.

Dedicate this New Year celebration to feeding millions of children in India

You can make someone’s New Year a little more special. FEED THEM.



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