Kitchen Equipment

The centralised kitchens of The Akshaya Patra Foundation cooks 50,000 to 1 lakh meals per day with the help of automatic or semi-automatic equipment to ensure hygiene and efficiency in the cooking process.

Why do we need?

Automatic and semi-automatic kitchen equipment assists in:

  • Ensuring on-time completion of cooking process 
  • Increasing production capacity of each kitchen
  • Saving time and increasing productivity
  • Ensuring food safety and maintaining hygiene 

Vegetable cutting machine

This is an all-in-one multi-functional vegetable cutter that is used to slice, chop and dice all kinds of vegetables and greens. Generally, in a kitchen with 50,000 feeding capacity, a minimum of 3 tons vegetables get used on a daily basis.

  • With the capacity to cut approximately 800 kilograms of vegetables per hour, this Vegetable Cutting Machine allows for bulk cutting and slicing of vegetables that is used in sambar and curries.
  • It saves time and manpower when compared to manual vegetable cutting.
  • It is compact, easy to operate, saves space, and also promotes hygienic method of cutting vegetables.
  • The programmable control panel helps to adjust the sizes of the cut vegetables used for different menu items.

Cost of the equipment: ₹3,20,000

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