Mid Day Meal Programme Implementation

The Government of India and state governments/UT administrations work hand in hand to implement PM POSHAN (formerly the Mid-Day Meal Scheme). They have issued guidelines to be followed while executing the programme.

A National Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee (NSMC) is set up to monitor the programme, assess its impact and provide policy advice to Central and state governments. Central assistance in the form of subsidies is released upon submission of the Committee’s Annual Work Plan by the Programme Approval Board.

Steering-cum-Monitoring Committees are also set up at the state level to monitor the programme. A nodal department is authorised to take responsibility. Implementation cells are organised by the nodal department and one officer is appointed at each district and block level to oversee the effective implementation of the programme.

The panchayats/urban local bodies are in charge of the scheme in states where primary education is entrusted to them.


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