“Every child you pass in the hall has a story that needs to be heard. Maybe you are the one meant to hear it.” - Bethany Hill

‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ aims to create awareness about the role of nutrition in increasing school enrolment and in helping the children stay active throughout the day. A hot nutritious school lunch encourages children to attend school more regularly and helps them concentrate on classroom activities.

NammRadio has collaborated with The Akshaya Patra Foundation and has generously chosen to support their endeavor in bringing children ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ by sponsoring their mid-day meals. Your support to this Campaign can significantly transform the lives of children who have the right to health, education, and a bright future.

You have the power to let children from challenging backgrounds to experience all that you have once experienced: from memories of first day at school to sharing lunch, from raising hands in reply to joyful cheers on winning a match, from sharing notes to sharing future goals and many more such experiences that made you who you are today!

All it takes is a little care and a contribution of INR 1100 or $20 to feed a child on every school day for 1 Year. Support Akshaya Patra's 'Back To School' campaign and send 1.8 million children back to school to learn and write their own destiny.




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Charity Id : AAATT6468P