Akshaya Patra Moves to a New Kitchen Premises in Mangaluru

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  • 7th December, 2023
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Akshaya Patra Moves to a New Kitchen Premises in Mangaluru

The new kitchen of The Akshaya Patra Foundation in Mangaluru, Karnataka, was inaugurated on December 3, 2023. This kitchen was made possible through the generosity of Vijay & Shama Kedia, GT Foundation and Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt. Ltd. It has the capacity to served 25,000 hot and nutritious meals.

It was inaugurated by Shri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Jagadguru Shri Madhwaachaarya Moola Mahaa Samsthaanam, Shri Puthige Matha, Udupi; Shri Madhu Pandit Dasa, Chairman – Akshaya Patra; Shri Chanchalapathi Dasa, Vice-Chairman – Akshaya Patra and Tathwdarshan Swamiji, Gurukul in-charge, Kodachadri. Also present at the event were Shri Gunakara Rama Dasa – President, ISKCON Mangaluru; Shri Sathish Naik – President, Meremajalu Grama Panchayat and Shri Radhakrishna Tantri – Vice-President, Amunje Grama Panchayat.

The new kitchen will further empower Akshaya Patra to actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By integrating solar power systems, for instance, the facility’s carbon footprint will decrease. Cooking efficiency will increase with the use of clean LPG-powered infrared burners. Plans to use CNG are in the works. Similarly, the upcoming Upflow Anaerobic Floating filter-based ETP is designed to maximise efficiency while minimising its negative effects on the environment.

This expansive project reflects The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s ongoing dedication to developing young minds and is more than just a building. The kitchen represents The Foundation’s combined efforts to promote healthy eating habits, encourage community involvement and advance sustainable practices.

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