Bosch donates two vehicles to Akshaya Patra

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  • 17th June, 2022
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Bosch has donated two Eicher vans to Akshaya Patra. Both the vans which have been used over the past 7-8 years, but are in good condition, by Bosch are capable of carrying food sufficient for around 3,000 children each.

The vans which have been rebranded with the Akshaya Patra logo were flagged off by Vijay Pandey, Vice President and Ramamurthy K, Swaminathan K and Mohandasan P, General Managers of Bosch. The inauguration was done at the Bosch campus in Adugodi, Bangalore on the 22nd of October, 2014.

The vehicles will soon be fitted with Akshaya Patra’s signature honeycomb structure for their delivery vans. This structure is designed to ensure that the vessels are transported in a stable manner to the schools with minimum possibility of leakages.

These vans which were soon to be retired by Bosch are still capable of running well for a few years more, and will be very useful to Akshaya Patra in the distribution of the mid-day meal in Bangalore. This contribution which has been beneficial to both Bosch as well as Akshaya Patra will hopefully herald a donation model that can be replicated amongst other corporates as well.

Bosch has promised The Akshaya Patra Foundation two more similar vehicles in the future.

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