Details of the Kitchen Garden Project

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  • 5th January, 2015
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With the help of a donation of nearly Rs. 31 lakhs (3.1 million) from the Monsanto Fund, The Akshaya Patra Foundation is planning to grow over 30,000 Kgs of Vegetables in the first season through this nutritional support initiative with plans to improve upon this yield in the second season. With this purpose in mind nearly 15 acres of fertile land has been leased near Govindgarh, Chomu Tehsil, Jaipur Dist.

Varieties of nutritious vegetables will be provided during off seasons with the help of Solar Dehydrating Plants set up, which dry vegetables using solar energy. These can then be used in the freshly cooked meals provided for children in the mid-day meal program. Green houses installed in the infrastructure will be used to grow vegetables such as red cabbage that require specific agronomic conditions for cultivation, but would greatly enhance the nutritional value of the meal.

In the future it is planned that the initiative will also raise awareness and educate farmers and students on the advantages of using the Solar Dehydrating Plant and other methods in use at the facility

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