IDES Officer Trainees Meet

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  • 27th July, 2015
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A group of eight IDES (Indian Defence Estates Services) Officer Trainees from the National Institute of Defence Estates Management (NIDEM), a Central Training Institute that functions under the Ministry of Defence, visited Akshaya Patra in Bengaluru in June. The IDES officers are involved in the municipal administration of civil areas, urban governance and land administration. Under their municipal functions they supervise educational centres situated inside cantonments that cater to the civilians that reside within these premises. The education schemes implemented by the Government of India are applied to these educational centres.

During their one month training with NIDEM, the trainees travelled to various States across India where they visited various public and private sector organisations, NGOs and Government departments to learn innovation and best practices followed. They visited Akshaya Patra to witness the good work the organisation is doing to promote health, education and the mid-day meal programme. During their session they visited the Akshaya Patra kitchen in Bengaluru and a beneficiary school as well.

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