Nepal Earthquake Relief Centralised Kitchen Project begins operations

The Earthquake Relief Centralised Kitchen Project facilitated by Akshaya Patra with Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha (SSS) and the Tata Trust in Nepal began serving meals on 19th June. The operations began with 1,100 evening meals being provided in Bode, one of the eleven locations to receive the wholesome meals under the relief project.

The residents from one of the most affected areas of Sindhulpal Chowk have moved into makeshift shelters in Bode. The evening meal served to these beneficiaries included freshly cooked rice, dal (dried pulse curry) and potato sabji.

On 20th June, 5,500 morning meals were prepared and served utilising approximately two tons of rice, 220 kilograms of dal (dried pulse), 70 kilograms of tomato, 140 kilograms of potato, 30 kilograms of spices, and other condiments.

This temporary centralised kitchen, which is expected to cook approximately 10,000 meals a batch and about 100,000 meals a day, has been equipped with three cauldrons of 600 litres capacity to cook rice, and one cauldron of 1,200 litre capacity to cook dal, as well as other machines to assist in the food preparation process like cutting vegetables and grinding.

The kitchen has been set up over an area of approximately 2,500sq.ft, and is located at Bhaktapur. Read more about the kitchen here.

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