The US Navy Personnel Volunteers for Akshaya Patra’s kitchen in Visakhapatnam

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  • 31st December, 2018
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The US Navy Personnel visited Akshaya Patra’s centralised kitchen in Visakhapatnam, to offer voluntary services on the recommendation of the charitable foundation, United Way Hyderabad. The US Navy is conducting a joint exercise with the Indian Navy and has docked in Visakhapatnam for this purpose. The visit was part of a community engagement and interaction programme,.

Lieutenant David Tambur (Ship’s Chaplin), along with 40 other crew working on the ship, participated in activities at the kitchen, like cutting vegetables, grading them, loading cooked food into the vehicles for dispatch and other routine jobs.


Ms Catherine, US Consulate General, upon learning that the US Navy was volunteering at the Foundation, also paid a visit and appreciated the voluntary services provided by them. She further commended The Akshaya Patra Foundation and Dr Niskinchana Bhakta Dasa – Unit President, Akshaya Patra Visakhapatnam.

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