UK delegates visit the Vasanthapura kitchen

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  • 10th May, 2016
  • 2 minutes read

Akshaya Patra’s VK Hill kitchen welcomed 46 young entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom on 9 October, 2015, who had set out to study successful NGOs. The visiting group was led by group leader, Sean Angiolillo who along with his team were excited to tour our VK Hill mega kitchen. There they were warmly greeted by the Foundation’s staff members who steered them through the various processes of the kitchen units. The delegation was hugely impressed seeing the technical dexterity of the Akshaya Patra kitchen.

The level of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of the team was clearly manifested by the many questions and answers that reverberated through the kitchen. Every team member made sure that they clearly understood each and every aspect of the cooking process. This helped them gain exclusive insight into the operational processes of the VK Hill kitchen which left them simply amazed!

The kitchen tour was followed by an informative Q&A session where the visitors were explained every little nuance of life at Akshaya Patra;  the Foundation’s work, the cause it is fighting for and the service it is rendering to the millions of children in India. The delegates drew a lot of strength and inspiration from this interaction. Their quest to study about successful NGOs was fulfilled and they greatly enjoyed this enriching experience. The delegation was so impressed by the efforts made by the Foundation to reach out to the children of India that most of them showed their desire to either continue to be associated with Akshaya Patra or to work with it in the near future.

As a vote of thanks, Sean Angiolillo wrote to the organisation saying, “It was truly an honour to be able to visit. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Over the course of the programme, the group has visited the country’s finest technical institutions, largest corporations and most promising start-ups. But I think their visit to Akshaya Patra will standout alone as a highlight.”

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