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4,500.00 feeds 3 children/year.

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* Each beneficiary’s yearly mid-day meal cost Rs. 1500 and contains locally palatable meals that can be relished by the children.

We thank the Central Government and various State Governments for supporting us in serving mid-day meals to our beneficiaries.

*If you are a citizen of the US or the UK and prefer to avail tax exemption, please click here.

If you are an account holder of Indian banks and have debit/credit cards issued by Indian banks then please select Indian Donors as your donation mode.

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Avail tax exemption under Section 80G

i) The ASK is for 232 meals per child for an academic year. The equivalent number of meals can also be served for a shorter period for higher number of children

(ii) The amount can also be utilized to meet cost escalations if required. Alternatively, it can be used for improving the school infrastructure to create a better learning environment and to serve meals.”