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Wishing All a Joyous 77th Year of Independence

Honour the past. Celebrate the present. Light up the future.

Let’s work to end hunger for millions of children this Independence Day.

Pledge to fight hunger one meal at a time

Akshaya Patra serves hot and nutritious mid-day meals to over 2 million government and government-aided school children across 15 states and 2 UTs to 2 union territories.

Help children unlock their potential

Mid-day meals improve children’s concentration and boost their academic performance. Additionally, they encourage enrolment and attendance as many families are relieved to be able to send their children to school knowing that they will be nourished properly, thanks to the meals. Sometimes this is the child’s only proper meal for the day. These meals also help in promoting socialization, which makes children feel more on an equal footing with one another.

Celebrate freedom with love, pride and #aplatefulofjoy

Observe this Independence Day by giving wings to the dreams of children with your generosity. Nourish them with wholesome meals.

Feed children. Free them of classroom hunger.


Celebrate freedom #aplatefulofjoy

Donate to feed children, this Independence Day
You are donating ₹ 9000 For freedom #aplatefulofjoy

(Your donation will help us provide stainless steel plates to school children so that they can relish their mid-day meals. These plates will provide them ease, comfort and convenience. These plates are safe to serve food in and do not affect the taste of the food or its nutritional value).

Total Donation Amount : ₹ 9000
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