Created By : Mr Sanjay M Khandduri

Campaign Goal Rs. 51,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 51,180.00

Raised fund can feed 54 children/year

Start Date
Dec 15, 2015

End Date
Feb 18, 2016

Note: Rs. 950 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

Hello friends! I’m a writer in Indian cinema and also direct when given a chance. This campaign is my call to you all who are creative at heart irrespective of your jobs. You all because I feel a connect with you. I believe you will connect with this endeavor more as you are blessed with more sensitivity. Bros, I need your help in spreading some goodness. Everyone needs to trust someone… and I put my faith in Akshayapatra, a NGO which everyday feeds the poor and needy school children across the country with a healthy mid day meal. You can see the 'statistics' in my video here. This video is specially compiled for this campaign… for you.

This is the time brother... move that hand to that sacred purse, to that holy card. The card that often comes out only for our potential bosses / girl friends {who 99% refuse us :) }. This time instead of them, take out for a hungry child at Rs.750 for a full year meal. Can't you do that?         If yes... then go on Donation icon on my url {this url only, or else it will get mixed with other donation campaigns}  ... and do what you can do best for these children.

Show some love my bros… and my bros mean brothers and sisters. Let the helping hands of creative guys reach the needy. And yes while you just have to make up your mind... I am pledging to run 100 Km by the end of this campaign date. Started running already :) You can catch my (dawdling) run updates on facebook/twitter. Incase you need to know more, don’t hesitate to write to me on Email exhibitforty@gmail.com Twitter: @sanjaykhandduri


Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Sanjay donated 2429.00 on APR 10, 2016
  • Mr. Anshul Chobey donated 1000.00 on FEB 17, 2016
  • Mr. Sekhar M.k donated 6000.00 on FEB 06, 2016
  • Mrs. Aashima Navani donated 3001.00 on FEB 03, 2016
  • Ms. Mala Balakrishnan donated 2250.00 on JAN 08, 2016
  • Mr. Mohit Chandra Khanduri donated 750.00 on JAN 08, 2016
  • Mr. Gaurav Doger donated 750.00 on JAN 07, 2016
  • Mr. Gagan Meshram donated 1500.00 on JAN 01, 2016
  • Mr. Rajiv Tandon donated 5000.00 on DEC 25, 2015
  • Mr. Manoj donated 9000.00 on DEC 25, 2015
  • Mr. Gajanan S K donated 2250.00 on DEC 25, 2015
  • Mr. Gajanan donated 2250.00 on DEC 25, 2015
  • Mrs. Prabhmit donated 10500.00 on DEC 17, 2015
  • Mrs. Bhavjit Kaur donated 4500.00 on DEC 17, 2015