Be the change you want to see

Created By : Mr IKSA Anil
Be the change you want to see

Campaign Goal Rs. 2,250.00

Raised So Far Rs. 1,350.00

Raised fund can feed 1 children/year

Start Date
Oct 28, 2015

End Date
Dec 31, 2015

Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

We at Parivarthan believe that every one should get an equal opportunity to Study and grow and this cannot happen on empty stomach ! 

Every student who stayed in hostels know that ,despite of all our pocket money and comforts we still cant study when hungry just for a hour or so in evening. 

Imagine it a day long one and every day ! I am not standing on a moral high ground and accusing you, we are all same, but may be just may be for a change we can compromise on small things in life and divert it to this donation ? 

May be we can cut back on a KFC or a movie or a pizza for a week end , by all means enjoy them too, what's life with out a spice right ! but just once in a while sending a 100 or two this way will do some good too right ? 

drop by drop it might reach 750 ! and a kid might go to school and get a Hot meal ! Just imagine that , you changed the world ! changed the world of that kid :) 

Yes 750 is all that is needed to feed a kid hot nutrious meal for a year !

Imagine, if all kids can eat a nutrious meal, we dont have to remember stupid facts about malnutrition for the exam,win win right :)  

Just think about it, no force , give it a try , if you feel good , its ok , if you don't ........ na I don't think so . 

Ready to do some thing good ? I know you want to , don't hesitate :)   

Campaign Donors

  • Mr. Vinil Das
  • Mr. Vipul Yadav
  • Ms. Aanchal Jain
  • Mr. Priyatosh Tiwari
  • Mr. Vivek Pv
  • Mr. Sarjinder
  • Mr. Sonu Bhatt