Stories of Children

A boy with joie de vivre

November, 27 2015

Ravi: of determination and endless dreams

November, 13 2015

Mid-day meal boosts attendance at UBMC School in Bokkapatna

October, 30 2015

Darshan: A True Patriot in the making

October, 9 2015

Harsha never misses a mid-day meal

September, 14 2015

12-year-old girl determined to fulfil father’s wish

July, 17 2015

Venu: Exploring more with a language

July, 3 2015

Perfect with numbers

May, 20 2015

Rahim: A saviour in the making

April, 24 2015

Rajesh Kumardas likes literature and loves to draw

April, 2 2015

Happy students, happy school!

March, 13 2015

Mid-Day meal boosts girl child enrolment in a school

February, 24 2015

The Best Way to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others