Stories of Children

Nousheen: Of selfless deeds and kindness

February, 9 2015


This Akshaya Patra Beneficiary is a true victor

January, 21 2015

A 5th Grader's Verdict on the Mid-day Meal Menu

January, 6 2015


Suchismita Nayak- A girl with a dream to be a police officer

December, 24 2014


Boy with the iron fist

December, 23 2014


An encouragement to striving hands

December, 9 2014


The ability to overcome a disability

December, 6 2014

Determined to Get Education

November, 14 2014

Of Laughter and Love: Childhood Diaries

October, 23 2014


Sonalisha Shukla loves Math, Science and English!

September, 25 2014

Prime Minister of the school

September, 23 2014

Kalpana- is-one-of-the-Akshaya-patra-beneficiary

Kalpana Malik - A girl with a dream to be a doctor

September, 12 2014

The Best Way to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others