Stories of Children

Kirti – The Dancing Diva

Kirti – The Dancing Diva

Published on July, 25 2016
As we were watching the children play in the school yard, we came across this little girl. We met her and while speaking Read More

Meet a Math Lover!

Published on July, 5 2016
Living away from parents makes you quite independent they say. That’s the story of Kavanna who is growing up to be sel Read More

Ramesh the ambitious!

Published on February, 10 2016
Developing a liking to sports at a young age, Ramesh now aspires to become a physical trainer and never fails to partici Read More

A boy with joie de vivre

Published on November, 27 2015
Deekshit is a 13-year-old boy with a perpetual smile on his face. To him, the key to every obstacle is unending happines Read More

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