Aspiring Lawyer Saraswathi

Lawyers are the sentinels of the realm of justice. If the citizens of a nation are to get a fair representation in legal matters, they need sincere lawyers to defend their cause. Meet Saraswathi, a 12-year-old Akshaya Patra beneficiary from Hubballi, studying in Std VI at Kannavi Honnapura Higher Primary School, who aspires to become a lawyer. The young lady says that she wants to uphold the most vital aspect of the legal profession – that of honesty. She emphasizes her aspirations by telling us, “I want to be a good lawyer. I will not accept bribes. I will stand for justice. I will remain true to my profession.” Saraswathi further adds that even in films, she dislikes lawyers who lie, and the ones who don’t promote the cause of justice or protect the rights of those that they represent.

Like most children, a uniform holds great appeal for Saraswathi. She is fascinated by the lawyer’s robe. “The long, black robe signifies the power of a lawyer. Wearing the robe will fill me with greater pride for my profession,” elaborates lively, studious Saraswathi. Speaking about the meals served by Akshaya Patra in her school, Saraswathi states that she and her two siblings – a brother studying in Class IV and a sister in Class VII – like the hot, nutritious lunches, which is why they don’t bring lunch from home. She adds with a smile, “I like the food served, since it is warm and fresh. I especially like the Pulao. The lunch makes me happy and is one of the reasons I like coming to school.

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