Bhanupriya – Doctor in the Making

In a world plagued with numerous distresses, wanting to be a healer is a wonderful thing indeed. Among the many dreams of Akshaya Patra beneficiaries, there is that of Bhanupriya – to be a doctor and aid those afflicted with sickness. As the voices of children repeating Hindi rhymes after their teachers die down in Government Higher Primary School, Jyothipura, Bengaluru, and they head to have their meals, bright and lively Bhanupriya talks about her aspirations – “There are many people who are unwell. I wish to be a doctor and serve them. I would treat poor patients for free.” The young girl loves to wear the doctor’s coat and do a mock examination of patients with the stethoscope and listen to their heart’s beats.

A student of Std VII, 13-year-old Bhanupriya stays with her sister and parents Menaka and Sunderesh, who run a small restaurant. She enjoys the mid-day meals served by Akshaya Patra – “The meals are warm and fresh and the food is nutritious,” says the girl, happy to have the mid-day meals sitting with her friends. She adds, ” When all of us sit together to have the meal, a sense of harmony and oneness is developed.” Since being a doctor requires quite an effort and good grades, Bhanupriya takes an avid interest in her studies. Her favourite subjects are Mathematics, Science and Social Science and her teachers motivate her to study well. She says, “As I aspire to be a doctor, I have to study well. I don’t want to miss school for a day.”

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