Bhoomi Wants to Become a Huge Singer like Neha Kakkar

“We have to move to another town. Without a job, it is becoming difficult to pay the rent of this house. Before our troubles increase, I have to get a job.” Upon hearing this conversation between her parents, Bhoomi’s broad smile faded away instantly. 

Meerut to Thane would be a big change for 12-year old Bhoomi. Leaving behind close friends, school, and neighbours to settle in a new place, and make new friends was a challenge, Bhoomi Anup Singh accepted with grace.

After moving to Thane, the first task for Bhoomi’s parents was to admit her to a good school. Going to a new school – TMC Number 20, sitting in between unknown peers, making friends was not a difficult ask from a vibrant girl like Bhoomi. She was a perfect combination of being a friendly child with a wise mind. 

During the initial days at her school, she sang her way into the classroom every morning. She attracted many friends with her melodious voice . As she was settling in the new environment, her parents had to move to Mumbai for better opportunity. Bhoomi was left behind in the care of her uncle and aunt, but this sudden change did take a toll on her. However, she found solace in humming and singing songs. 

Bhoomi does miss her parents when she is alone, but once at school, she is back to her chirpy self. 

Bhoomi says, “I want to be like Neha Kakkar. I want to sing like her.”

No matter what the occasion is, she is the first choice of her friends and teachers. Be it during free period in the class, antaakshari competition or any other event, Bhoomi   always grabs the maximum cheers.

She says, “I like coming to school because I have friends of my age. And my problems seem very little when I talk to them.”

When asked about one thing she wishes she had today, she says she misses her mother’s food the most. She adds, “The lunch we get in school from Akshaya Patra is very similar to what my mother prepares. I love having it because it makes me feel closer to my parents.” On hearing her friends playing Antaakshari, she runs to join them and starts singing a Hindi number, “Meri maa, pyaari maa, Mumma!” 

As Bhoomi finishes her song, she hints at her friend to start singing with the syllable ‘Ma’ and all that can be heard is tones and laughter of varying degrees. 

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