Chetan – Our Visual Storyteller

Chetan – Our Visual Storyteller

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  • January, 1 1970
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The story of a city – its history and culture – is told through its buildings and architecture. One of our beneficiaries, Chetan from Surat, aspires to be one such visual storyteller – an architect.

Elaborating on this aspiration, Chetan says, “I once watched a television programme on architects and realised my dream.” 

The youngest of five siblings, Chetan studies in Std VIII in Shri Baba Amte Primary School in Surat. Three of his older siblings are in college while one of his sisters assists their father, a tailor. His mother is a homemaker. The family is from Amravati, Maharashtra but they have relocated to Surat for brighter prospects. 

“I like school because I like to study and play,” Chetan told us. “Also, teachers are very good,” he added, “They teach well and help us if we have any problem.” His favourite subject is Marathi, which is also his mother tongue.

Having a keen interest in school events, Chetan has participated in a Science fair where he, along with his friends, made a cable-stayed bridge. “Last year, when we went to a Science fair, we saw many interesting projects. One of the projects was a similar cable-stayed bridge. When I saw it, I thought I could do it,” he says.  He also likes to participate in essay writing competitions. “A few days ago, we had an essay competition on the topic Diwali. I wrote how we celebrate Diwali; light diyas, eat sweets, and wear new clothes.” He also said he looks forward to the festival of lights every year. Besides education, Chetan likes working on computer, dancing, and sports; his favourite sport being Kho Kho.

Talking about Akshaya Patra’s meals, Chetan says that he likes it because it is tasty; neither too spicy, nor too sweet. “We need energy, so this food is important,” he added, having memorised the menu. 

His favourite dish is Dal and his friends enjoy the Khichdi too. He adds, “We don’t have breakfast because we are in a hurry. If we don’t get this food, we won’t be able to concentrate on school activities. At the same time, if we eat outside, we’ll fall ill. So, this nutritious food is extremely important for us.” 

We wish Chetan the very best for his future endeavours! Donate to support school children in India and help them aim high.

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