Darshan: A True Patriot in the making

It is really inspiring to meet individuals who would proudly say that they want to join the Indian Army and fight for the country. We all are wary of the risks that come with it. But, the ever evolving youth of India are quite firm on their stance when it comes to serving the nation.

The aforesaid perception is palpable in Darshan, a 14-year-old student at the Government Lower Primary School in Dasrahalli, Bangalore, who aspires to become an army officer. “I feel that when you join the army, there is a sense of pride. To fight and protect the Nation is the right of every citizen in India,” says Darshan.  

Inspired by various war veterans, Darshan aspires to join the Indian Army and fight for his country. When he took a liking for History in his earlier classes, Darshan had already set his mind on what he wanted to become. Inspired by the stories of India’s fight for independence and the World Wars, Darshan felt he was somehow indebted to his country. “So many people have fought and laid down their lives for this country. Why can’t I also do the same?” he tells us.

Darshan comes from a humble background. His father is a KSRTC bus driver his mother, a homemaker. His father’s monthly income runs the house. Darshan tells us that he has seen hard times but he appreciates his father’s efforts. When Darshan returns home, he completes his homework quickly and helps his mother with the chores. He manages to buy some time in the evening to play with friends before he heads back home to complete his studies.

When it comes to studies, Darshan’s teacher, Mr. Gangahomaiah is pleased with his student’s progress at school. “Despite coming from an economically challenged background, Darshan is intelligent and works hard in school. He shows ample interest in his studies. This will help him go a long way,” says Gangahomaiah.

At the end of our dialogue with the aspiring army officer, Darshan confidently states, “I have to prove my worth if I want to represent my nation. I will have to first complete my higher education and then apply for the Civil Services Examination.”

Darshan has been an Akshaya Patra beneficiary since 2008 and credits the Foundation for providing mid-day meals to his school. “I like the rice and sambar (lentil based vegetable stew) served by Akshaya Patra.” He concludes our conversation by telling us that his personal favourite is Bisibelebath (lentil rice) served on Saturdays.

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