Harsh: Becoming a Scientist is My Ambition

Namaste, my name is Harsh Kishorbhai Dodiya. I study in Standard VIII at Dhumketu Prathmik Kumar Shala – 218, Surat, Gujarat. I like going to school very much. Every day I learn something new at school. Geography gives me a hard time but I love Science. 

The small science lab in my school allow students to do experiments under teacher’s supervision. It helps me to understand practical aspects of science along with theory lessons that are taught in the classrooms. Science lab class is only once a week but I wish we had it every day.  It makes me curious how chemical compounds when put together forms essential liquids like water! I want to be a scientist whose discovery will serve a great cause to the whole world one day.     

 I stay with my uncle and aunt along with my three elder sisters and grandfather in a small thatched roofed kuccha house. My uncle is a brick layer (mason labourer). Every morning, he stands in the market, waiting for contractors to come and choose labourers for the day’s work at construction sites. As the only earning member of the family, he knows that if he is not chosen for work that day, he will come home empty handed without any food to feed us. But, due to his pleasant behaviour, contractors often offer him jobs, barring some unfortunate days. He always tells me to be polite and treat others with respect. He loves us very much.

He took all the pains to enrol four of us (my sisters and me) in a school. I thank Akshaya Patra for serving free healthy mid-day meals to all the children at my school. It keeps me full for the day. Khichadi, sabji and thepla are my favourite dishes in mid-day meals.

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