Heena Kausar from Mysuru wants to become a doctor

Heena Kausar from Mysuru wants to become a doctor

Government Higher Primary School (GHPS), Nachanahalli Palya (NH Palya), is situated in the slums of Mysuru, Karnataka, where most students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. However, that doesn’t deter them from dreaming big and the flame to do well in life and achieve goals burns bright in them. Heena Kausar, a lovely young lady, is one such beneficiary ours from the school studying in Std V, who wants to strive hard to be a doctor and alleviate the suffering of others.

Born to an electrician father and a mother who rolls agarbattis for a living, Heena also has two brothers. The elder one, who is 16 years old, left school in Std VIII and the younger one, a 15-year-old, quit in Std IX due to economic pressures. They now work as a welder and a mechanic, respectively. When it comes to Heena, though, her parents support their daughter to pursue her dreams and ambitions. “I want to become a doctor because I feel pained when I see people suffering every day and want to help them. My mummy and papa are very supportive of my ambitions,” says Heena.

A bright and sincere student, Heena likes attending school and studying. Her favourite subjects are English and Kannada, taught by Miss Manasa. She also has a unique hobby – skipping! And this activity, along with her education, is powered by Akshaya Patra’s meals. They are a big hit with Heena. She says she likes them better because at home, they mostly have rice, which she isn’t fond of. “In school, I love subzi and Bisibele Baath among the dishes served by Akshaya Patra,” Heena elaborates. Her favourite vegetable, she says, is potato, before sprinting away to class.

We wish Heena the very best and hope she brings healing and care to those suffering from illnesses. 

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