Her dream to become a doctor

Watching a loved one suffer from a serious ailment has a profound effect on us. A feeling of helplessness combines with a desire to do all that we can, to relieve our dear ones from their sufferings and make life easier for them. Vedika Thakre is a little girl driven by a similar purpose. Her ailing aunt, who she is close to, can’t walk because one of her legs is affected. This is why Vedika wants to grow up to be a doctor.

A beneficiary of Akshaya Patra studying in Shivangaon Parathamik Shala (Shivangaon Primary School) located on the outskirts of Nagpur city, Vedika, a Std IV student, has a seriousness and confidence that is rare for someone her age. Her father is a farmer and mother, a homemaker. What does she like about doctors, besides the fact that they cure people? “I like the stethoscope they wear. I too want to help a lot of people by joining this profession,” she asserts.

English is Vedika’s favourite subject because she loves reading and listening to stories. “I like stories of animals. My favourite story is that of the lion and the mouse. Once, a lion gets caught in a net. A mouse comes along and helps free it by chewing the net. That is my favourite story,” she says, adding she also likes dancing – devotional dances being her favourite. Her favourite song to dance to is Deva Shree Ganesha from the Hindi movie Agneepath. She performs dances as part of groups, with her schoolmates during the annual school gathering event.

Akshaya Patra’s mid-day meals are popular in Vedika’s school, where many students from the Isasani village study. The village is located about 4 km from Shivangaon. Vedika too loves the food, her favourite dishes being roti, aloo mutter ki subzi and veg pulao. She adds, “I like dal-rice too. In the mornings, I only have biscuits before coming to school, so I heartily eat meals served by Akshaya Patra.” Her eyes light up as she sees one of her best friends Samruddhi and she runs along to join her and play.

We wish her the very best!

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