Introducing G. Deepika, the upcoming TV Anchor!

How many of us must have begun working towards our aims in life when we were at school? Probably, not many of us! However, here we have G. Deepika from Telangana who fights all odds to make sure she is on the path to becoming a Television Anchor.

Deepika begins her day by helping her mother with household chores. Right from collecting water from the nearby water distribution centre to helping her mother with cooking and cleaning, Deepika does it all. Her mother says, “We struggle to make ends meet. I work as a maid and my husband works at a construction site. But we want our two daughters to get education and do well in life. I hope that they don’t have to struggle in the future and they should have all comforts in life.” 

Talking specifically about Deepika, she says, “Deepika is a very lively and hardworking child. Though she is young, she understands the hardships we go through every day. I see her study with a lot of sincerity. She often tells me, ‘Amma, one day, you will see me in TV’. I pray, that day comes soon.” The moist eyes and the warm smile of her mother told so much about the family’s hopes pinned on Deepika than words could have ever expressed.  

Once at school, Deepika totally focusses on her studies and actively participates in all school activities. Her teachers say, “Deepika is a very matured and collected child. At such a young age, she is determined to achieve her aim of being a television anchor and does not miss any opportunity to showcase her talent. She is a fluent speaker and makes any classroom activity or school event interesting with her lively commentary.” 

Talking about her ambition, Deepika says, “Just like the way commentators add excitement to a cricket match, I want to make every activity interesting.” With a bright smile, she further adds, “So, whether I am doing household work, school activities or playing with my friends, my live commentary is always a part of it.”

When asked about Akshaya Patra’s mid-day meal, Deepika says, “I love the lunch, and the snacks and fruits that is provided along with the meal. The food is not only nutritious, but tasty too. Even my sister who is in the same school relishes the food. In fact, both of us and all my friends look forward to our lunch time every day 

G. Deepika is an Akshaya Patra beneficiary. She is a student of Standard VII from UPS Rajampet, Sangareddy District, Telangana. Your support for school meals will ensure continuity of this little girl’s education and take her much closer to the dream of carving a niche in the television world. Choose to make a difference. Contribute now.

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