Jinal, a teacher in the making

Jinal is a lively and bright girl of Standard III from Ambaypura Primary School, Pratapura, Gujarat, and most importantly, an aspiring teacher who wants to facilitate learning. 

Life posed challenges to Jinal at a very tender age and she lost her parents. She is left behind with two siblings aged 4 and 6 years each. They reside with their extended family whose minimal income is Rs. 6000. As an elder sister, she understands her responsibility towards her siblings. It seemed amazing to us that even in such a difficult situation she has not forgotten to smile. 

Fortunately, she was enrolled into a school where Akshaya Patra serves food. She says, “I like dal and rice. It is tasty!” It melted our hearts to hear that Akshaya Patra’s wholesome meal is the only meal she has in a day. Talking about her dream, she says, “I draw inspiration from my teachers and aspire to be one in the future.” 

It is indeed Jinal’s desire for food and education that brings her to school. Wouldn’t you like to be that ray of hope for Jinal that will empower her to achieve her dream? Join us to support her!   

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