Kapil’s desire to Bowl-Out India’s enemies!

Nation comes first for every proud Indian, irrespective of age, it isn’t any different for Kapil who is an 11-year-old student of Government Primary School, New Baldev (Mathura). He has laid out his priorities very clearly – first comes ‘Nation’, second comes ‘Family’ and third comes his ‘Village’. If you happen to visit this village and come across a young adult donning a camouflage cap and marching through the streets rather than jumping around like other children, you have most likely bumped into Kapil, who is a huge fan of the Indian Army.
Born to a couple who struggles really hard to make their ends meet, Kapil aspires to join the Indian Army one day. His dream to become a part of the Army was not a long-thought career plan; it was an instant decision. 

During his holidays, he stayed with his uncle for a few days. One day, while lifting a gas cylinder, his uncle miscalculated the space between his leg and the ground and accidently dropped it on his foot, causing incessant pain and unstoppable bleeding. Kapil rushed to his rescue; he tied a piece of cloth to reduce the bleeding and gave him some first-aid help. When asked about his quick ability to respond, he said that he had learnt all this by watching first-aid service videos played in his school. Acknowledging his quick ability to respond, his uncle thanked him for saving his life and compared his courage to that of a soldier. He was proud of being a young child who did not fear the sight of blood, was swift in his action and was clear in prioritising his actions.

All these qualities gave him the hope that he can get into the Indian Army and has been training his mind for the intense workouts and struggles that he has to go through. 
He is aware of the hardships that his father – a coolie and his mother – a housewife, go through on a daily basis; which is why he engages in physical activities to keep himself fit rather than choosing to be trained by a coach. He wants to train his body so that his name can be his teachers’ first recommendation into NCC. 

He says, “I know what happens during training. We have to exercise, hang on the ropes, climb the walls and do push-ups holding the rods. I am ready for this drill.” 

Kapil is prepared to get his muscles, biceps, and chest maximized for serving the nation.

His ability to focus in studies and his aim to score well in his exams is his short-term goal that will help him reach his long-term goal of serving the nation, his family and his village. When asked about what helps him stay focussed, he credits Akshaya Patra for serving school meals every day. He says “midday meals taste better” and that he prefers them over homemade food. 

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