Rahim: A saviour in the making

It was a Thursday and there was distant cheer at the Upper Primary School, Pati village in Patancheru Mandal. All 95 students were dressed in their casual clothes that morning. Once a week, on Thursdays, the students are allowed to attend school in casuals as they enjoy a day of art, crafts and sports. The village is located close one of the biggest industrial units in India. Pati is a quiet town and most of the families are engaged in agricultural activities. Surrounded by lush agricultural lands, Pati is located close to Hyderabad’s industrial area, Patancheru. Most of the population in Pati is agrarian while the other few are migrants who work in the industries nearby. 

Mr. CH Ramulu, the Head Master introduces himself and welcomes us to have a look at the school. As we briefly converse with Mr. Ramulu about the school and students, he gives us an interesting revelation.  “Most of the students come from humble backgrounds. Many of their parents work at a ceramic company which is located around 2 kilometres from here.  Around 40 students come from that area. They live in small huts close to the factory.Quite a few of them are migrants who have arrived here to look for a better living,”  says Mr. Ramulu   

We are then introduced to Rahim. Rahim is a diligent student who aspires to become a doctor in the future. “I love science and I want to become a doctor to save people’s lives,” says Rahim. His father is an auto driver while his mother works as a housewife. To make ends meet, his mother does a few odd jobs related to agriculture. 

He has a younger brother and sister who study in the same school. “Despite the financial constraints faced by the family, Rahim has worked hard in class and it has reflected in his marks,” added Mr. Ramulu.

In his free time, Rahim plays games and reads. Being the eldest, he helps his mother with the housework. “I enjoy my time with my brother and sister and help them with their studies whenever I can,” added Rahim. Rahim compliments Akshaya Patra for providing meals to his school. “I love the dal (lentils) and fruits. All my friends enjoy the food,” says Rahim. We wish Rahim all the best for the future.  

As we conclude, Mr. Ramulu compliments Akshaya Patra for its service towards society. “Akshaya Patra has done a great service here at our school. For many here, the mid-day meal is an important aspect of their daily lives,” says Mr. Ramulu. 

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