Ramesh the ambitious!

The Padua High School in Nanthur, Mangaluru is a 71-year-old institution with the purpose of providing education to students from rural areas. Daily, 408 students from various castes and communities study in Kannada and English mediums at the school. “The enrolment at the Kannada medium has decreased, English medium has increased. The general trend in schools now is that students want to come to English medium schools. Everywhere students want to join an English medium,” Francis D’cunha, headmaster, pointing out an observation he has made at his school.   

Initially education in the school was only provided till class three and gradually the number of classes was increased. Run by the diocese of Mangaluru, the school and its first batch appeared for the SSLC exam in 1947. English medium was further added to the school in 1962. Ever since, the Padua school has grown to become a forerunner in the provision of education to the rural class. 

Even Ramesh, a student of standard X at the Padua High School comes from a rural background. He has shown much enthusiasm in both studies and extra-curricular activities. Taking a liking to sports at a young age, Ramesh now aspires to become a physical trainer and never fails to participate in various games at school. “I got all this inspiration from my brother who is my role model. He has been working in the army for three years now. If I get a chance to join the army I will, but as of now I want to join a physical training course after school and become a PT master in school. I hope I come back to this school and start training students here.”

Ramesh is currently preparing for his SSLC exam and his main focus is his studies. He returns home at 4 pm and then rests for a while. He then helps his mother Shankrama, housewife in various household chores. His father Shivappa works as a construction worker who goes out and finds menial jobs around the city. Ramesh also has a sister who studies in his class. 

As an Akshaya Patra beneficiary, Ramesh is appreciative of the mid-day meal served to him on every school day. He is particularly fond of the pulao and says it’s his favourite meal. Ramesh also appreciates his teachers and praises them for their efforts in providing education. “Many of us come from poor backgrounds here. The administration is really good and our teachers teach us really well. It’s great that we have school like this,” adds Ramesh. 

Akshaya Patra wishes Ramesh all the best for his future endeavours!

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