Sampriya, a lifeline for the rural people

A daughter of a marginal farmer, Sampriya has known from an early age that becoming a District Collector was the ultimate service to the rural people. 

“My father, Keshava Murthy, cultivates land. I see him facing a lot of difficulty in matters related to land. He says that there is someone called a ‘District Collector’, who could set everything right if he/she wanted to. So, I aspire to be a District Collector and help my father and the rural people too” says Sampriya, a student of Standard VI and an Akshaya Patra beneficiary from GHPS Taranagar, Bellary, Karnataka. Indeed, the purest expression of a daughter’s love for her father!

This determined young girl walks down 2-km from home to reach school. Kannada happens to be her favourite subject. Speaking about the school environment, she says, “Pushpalatha Mam is a very good and friendly teacher. I enjoy her classes very much. I am also interested in computer. I love to play ‘kabaddi’ with my friends during the play hours at school.” Aside from this, Sampriya wishes to visit the beautiful Hampi Temple.”

We wish Sampriya all the very best and hope she brings much hope to the lives of people!

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